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Our Wonderful Testimonials at the Jungle Club



MOTIVATOR! Aqua class has given my quality of life a boost!

I have lost 32lbs. and feel great! I started with Aqua aerobics 

and saw results fast. The instructor and class members have a 

zest for life that keeps me focused on health and energized

on all levels. We have fun and the pounds come off while I 

eat healthy foods. My energy is back. My joints feel better than

they have in years! The resistance in the water helps me burn

a lot of calories and build muscle at the same time. 





"After joining the Jungle Club in May of this year I have lost 10lbs and 2 inches off

my waist without adjusting my diet. Because I have digerative disc disease I have 

to be careful about lifting so water exercise is a perfect match for me. I am very

thankful to the staff at the Jungle Club for my success in getting back into shape. I

am 70 years old and in excellent health."

-Dan Dolen



 “Jungle Club is not just a club to become more fit and to meet new people, its a place to learn and become a better person. The atmosphere in Jungle Club is second to none. The classes and training programs the facility offers are top of the line and one couldn’t ask for better instructors and personal trainers to teach those programs. I give the Jungle Club 5 Stars and challenge you to find a better place in the area.  Certified quality trainers help you reach your goals. Be Jungle Strong!”  -Danielle Kirk


“The community is so welcoming at the Jungle Club! I love the friendly, competitive environment. The Jungle Strong competitions are awesome.”

-Christine Overholt


“I am new to town and joining the Jungle Club helped me meet new people.”

-Alan Smith


 “GREAT facility! The staff is remarkable and the environment is energizing. The club has something for everyone.



“Working in the medical field, I am well aware of the detrimental effects of being overweight to one’s health. My personal goals were to improve my cardiovascular fitness, lose weight, and become stronger. The Jungle Club has been instrumental in helping me reach and maintain my goals. I have also learned that exercise can be fun! I really enjoy the variety of classes that the Jungle Club has to offer. I enjoy cardiovascular workouts. Spin, Body Pump or just me upstairs on the cardio deck as well as strength training! One of the best things about working out at the Jungle Club though is the environment. All of the certified personal trainers and staff are approachable, helpful and more than willing to share their expertise. I never feel intimidated or uncomfortable. The Jungle Club has attracted a wide range of members from all fitness levels and ages. It is inspiring to see people like Florence, commit to fitness and living a healthy lifestyle; it’s one of the reasons I like coming here.”

-Chelsea Callahan



“I am a foreign exchange student from Norway and after coming to Vero and joining the gym, I have realized how great the Jungle Club really is. I enjoy the variety of equipment and amount of space that they have to offer. And it is all for a good price!”

-Daniel Johansen


“Whether you are deciding to get in shape, maintain your current fitness level, or looking to accelerate your exercise goals, why not choose the best gym in town.  I love the Jungle Club because they have everything I need to get the most out of my workouts. I like all types of exercise from the awesome obstacle course they have to the fun classes to traditional weightlifting and power lifting equipment. It’s also a huge bonus for my wife and I because they offer child care so there is not an excuse for us not to go to the gym. Keep up the great work JC!”

-Anthony Charbonneau

“The Jungle Club has numerous amenities such as: two racquetball courts, two pools, over sixty group fitness classes a week, a fully-equipped cardio deck to name a few. The staff is always very friendly and welcoming. The Jungle Club definitely has something for everyone!”

…..Shane Tjin



“Why compromise your workout? Jungle Club has it all, so why wouldn’t you pick diversity?”

-Jordan Bello


“I love the childcare at the Jungle Club. My daughter loves going to Kids Fit. It’s not a chore to get her to come. The classes are so great too, especially the spin classes! The younger staff at the Jungle Club is awesome and so friendly!”

-Christina Aukema




“I am very happy to be a part of the Jungle Club and enjoy it very much. The people are all so friendly.”

-Claudilei Sette

Dear Staff & clients at the Jungle Club,

Thank you for once again donating gifts and gift cards to the children and families served by Hibiscus! We absolutely would not be able to provide such a wonderful holiday without your help. May 2015 be filled with lots of happiness for all of you!

-Hibiscus Center

“We have been going to the Jungle Club for a year now and we LOVE IT! There are several different exercise rooms and there is such a great variety of equipment. We mostly do weight training,  but they also offer all kinds of classes, not to mention 2 pools, tennis courts and much more. The staff members are always there to greet us with a big smile and most of them knows us by name.”

-Michael & Brigitte Puhl

“I like Healthworks Physical Therapy owned by Ron Wilson located inside the Jungle Club. It keeps me walking  great at 99 years old. In June I’ll be 100 years old and I’m looking forward to many more years walking.”

Dorothy Sullivan



“I love the people at the Jungle Club! The Jungle Club has a lot of more equipment than any other gym around. I love the sauna too!

-Adam Charbonneau


 “One thing I really enjoy is the helpful and welcoming trainers and people at the Jungle Club. It is constantly a growing and hard-working family.”

-Amanda Walker


“I love the WELLNESS CENTER! Cory is great and always friendly with a huge smile on her face. I LOVE CORY! She treats me well when I walk in the center and when I leave. The Wellness Center is in the back, but it’s the best!”

-Robert Bolinger




“What I love about the Jungle Club is the convenient hours of operation. It works well with my schedule. I can get in and workout and get out. I also love the nice, friendly staff and members here. The service here is great also. In the Wellness Center they hold your keys for you while you work out. GREAT!!”

-Lawrence Hovey


“Deni as my swimming coach is patient, gentle and kind. I must tell you about me for you to understand what I mean. I am a JahAmerican meaning Jamaican American. Knowing I am from an island surrounded by water and it is said I should know how to swim. No!! I was afraid of swimming and the thinking swimming face down was nerve racking. I never know I could pass that but Deni took me through it with very patient details each changes were explained in fine minute details and then shown to me. Thinking you have no say in how you learn and process things and having control in each step and change was apart of what she taught me. She is very attentive never taking her eyes off you that she can know every change you are going through, to help you with it. To me she has a great gift in understanding what you are  going through and can anticipate if I am in trouble.”

-Annette Cesar



“I love the Jungle Club because of the positive energy that surrounds you when you workout here and wonderful staff that greets you when you walk through the doors. I LOVE Zumba!”

-Amy R.


“A spook-tacular class!” -“This was such a fun Spin class..”
-Shane Wright


“The Jungle Club saved my life. I have more energy, and with the chance to join the through the Wellness Center it gave me a chance at doing swimming instead of using medication to heal my health issues. The staff is friendly, welcoming and very inviting. I like coming in knowing that this place has made such a positive impact on my life.”

-Judy Ashley



 “I love Aquacise with Barbara & Tai Chi with Dotty. Both instructors make it fun & easy to keep up with the movements.”

-Stella Nied

"The girls at the jungle club kidcare are the absolute best! I dont have all of you on my fb to tag but every one of you are amazing and take such good care of my kiddos while im teaching. I dont know what id do without you ladies, and i appreciate each one of you for all that you do!!"

-Patricia Verobeach Pilates



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