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Golf Fitness
My two passions are golf and fitness. After an extensive career in the Military, I attended school for Golf Management and followed it with Sports Medicine.   

I grasped a firm understanding of application of the golf club as well as exercise and the study of movement. This passion led me to become a golf fitness and biomechanics specialist, and while I can teach the golf swing, I enjoy helping people understand the “how” of it all.  I have been in the industry for 1 year now, and have spent that time learning from the best in the business.  I was mentored by Coach Joey D at the "Joey D Golf Performance Center" in Jupiter Fl, where I gained a full understanding of what causes disfunction and reeks havoc on the body and the golf swing at every level of the game. This knowledge allows me to make an assessment on a golfer and provide injury reduction strategies, optimal patterns of movement for their golf swing, and for everyday life.   My ability to communicate with teaching professionals as well as athletes affords me the opportunity to help bridge the gap between instruction and competent application of the concepts. 
My skill sets also include functional fitness, corrective exercise, and strength and conditioning.

AS Golf Management, AS Sports Medicine, Certified Functional Strength Coach, Performance Enhancement Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Golf Fitness Specialist, “Fix Your Body, Fix Your Swing” Coach

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