The Jungle Club

Pilates at the Jungle Club

Contact Taunya Foerster at (772) 559-7691 for more information about Pilates, the Power Plate, or Food For Thought.


Introductory Special: Begin your Pilates journey with three (3) one-on-one sessions at a reduced rate. These sessions will help you become familiar with Pilates so you can then join a duo or trio class. (sessions expire within 30 days of purchase.)

Private Sessions: Enjoy a one-on-one session focusing on the Pilates apparatus. Private sessions are truly essential, not only to grasp the fundamentals but also to effectively move through intermediate and advanced movements.

Duo-Private Sessions: A duo-private session will allow you to work out with a friend or family member, still receive that one-on-one attention, and save money.

Mat Class: The Pilates Mat Class focuses on strength, precision, and flow of movement. The instructor provides class participants with movement options and modification to ensure safety as well as an appropriate challenge.



Power Plate Advanced Vibration Technology is the most cutting-edge tool in the health and fitness industry. Positive results are achieved without the pain and rigor of conventional training.

Easy 10-minute sessions on the Power Plate provide the same strength benefits of conventional strength training at the gym PLUS many additional wellness benefits.

Benefits of the Power Plate:

  • Drug-free reversal of osteoporosis
  • Accelerates fat loss and build muscle tone
  • Decreases pain and improve joint function
  • Reduces stress and improve hormonal profile
  • Increases mental stimulation for better concentration
  • Energizes the body!

Weight Loss Program

Any weight loss program will work if you stick to it, but the hard part is learning how to change your eating habits and make a lifestyle choice out of it. With Food For Thought, it will create a custom lifestyle plan that will work just for you! It's time to get off the weight-loss rollercoaster for good.

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